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Insurance for Ski Seasons in Austria | Ski Insurance

If you are spending a ski season in Austria either teaching, working or just free skiing or riding all day make sure that you have adequate ski insurance for the entirety of your stay. Note that when you buy season ski insurance for the season it should start on the day that you depart for Austria from the Uk and end when you are due to return. Should you stay longer and need to extend the insurance please contact us and we will be happy to extend your ski insurance.

You can buy insurance at the resort in Austria, this is called SAR (Search and Rescue) it is about 22 Euros and lasts for a year. The Austrian Mountain Rescue Service (AMRS) has over 11,000 well trained rescuers all over Austria, these people are volunteers. Skiing is Austria's national sport and thus there are so many volunteers. They all have professional experience and are based in the main mountainous areas of Austria. The cost of a rescue is covered up to 15,000 euros with this policy and all the proceeds if there is a profit go to training, search and rescue equipment and maintenance. The rescuers themselves receive no financial benefit . Click on this link for a list of the regional office who look after this ski insurance: http://www.bergrettung.at/Shortlist-Alle-Bueros.492.0.html

Again this is all very well but it will not cover medical costs and repatriation, you should ensure that you have comprehensive season insurance but for 22 euros its worth getting if you are in Austria for the whole season.