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Bobsleigh/Cresta Run Insurance  We provide travel insurance for Bobsleigh / Cresta Run for your whole trip. We can also provide cover Cresta Run (Amateur Competitions). To contact us…

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Bobsleigh/Cresta Run Insurance 

We provide travel insurance for Bobsleigh / Cresta Run for your whole trip.

We can also provide cover Cresta Run (Amateur Competitions).

To contact us by telephone or email, 0800 043 0020 / 01273 092 757

The Cresta Run

On the Cresta Run, the individual goes down on the sledge in a lying position head first, unlike Bobsleighing, in which riders go down in pairs or teams in a metal capsule on runners.

See Cresta Run

The Cresta Run is open from Christmas until early March, and riding takes place every morning of the week - weather permitting.

If you will also be doing Skeleton and Skiing while in St Moritz, add these to the activities when setting up your quote. There will be no extra premium to pay. But make sure you include these activities on your Policy so that you are covered for them.

You must also sign a disclaimer or liability before you do the Creat Run; please see more information here on the Cresta Run Website. Note the part about the GHIC Card not being applicable in Switzerland. You must obtain insurance before you go. 


Whether you are taking part in Bobsleighing for the first time or you are experienced, we can provide you with adequate cover for this Activity. This includes Medical Cover to £5m.  

This is a sport that can be dangerous as you are travelling fast down narrow, twisted banks of ice, and there is always a risk of injuries. You may require Medical Assistance whilst taking part in Bobsleighing. A Travel Insurance policy covering you for this Sport would be best.

Safety Guidelines and Instructions should be followed, and the appropriate clothing and equipment must be worn at all times.

Note that in Italy, from January 2022, it is compulsory to have travel insurance for tobogganing and Bobsleigh. Please see here for more details.

You can get the insurance in a resort in Italy where you get your Lift Pass, but we advise you to get full travel insurance before you depart to have comprehensive coverage.

The first European Championships occurred in 1914, followed by the Sport's inclusion in the Winter Olympics in 1924.

Bobsleighing Insurance FAQs

1. Is there an extra premium to pay if I am Bobsleighing whilst away?

There will be an extra payment to be made as this type of Sport is considered to be hazardous. The premium will be calculated automatically when obtaining a quote depending on individual details such as age and destination.

2. What happens if I am Bobsleighing abroad and fall out of the Bobsleigh and get injured? How does the Travel Insurance cover me?

You will be covered for injuries or accidents while participating in this sport. 

We will cover any medical treatment, emergency assistance, and repatriation back to the United Kingdom.

3. What protective clothing and equipment must I wear while Bobsleighing so that the Travel Insurance remains valid?

You must always wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as protective clothing and a sturdy helmet. 

You should always take advice from the sports organisers and follow their guidelines and rules.

4. If I purchase an Annual Travel Insurance policy covering Bobsleighing, how often can I participate in Bobsleighing? Are there any limitations on how many runs I can do a year?

No, there are no limitations on the number of times you can participate in this sport, and you can do as many runs as you like per trip.

It should be noted that this type of sport is only available during certain months of the year if you are doing the Cresta Run.

5. If I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still get a Travel Insurance policy that covers Bobsleighing?

We can provide cover for most pre-existing medical conditions. When obtaining a quote online, you will be prompted to declare your pre-existing medical conditions on the quote page.

The medical conditions will then be added to your quote, and the website will let you know if we can still provide cover for Bobsleighing, including the medical conditions declared.

6. What happens if I book a trip that covers me for Bobsleighing and I cannot take part due to an injury or illness before I depart my home?

As long as you have selected Cancellation Cover as part of your Travel Insurance policy, you can claim unused accommodation, flights and fees that have been pre-booked and you are contracted to pay. Cancellation.

Popular Locations for Bobsleighing

Norway, Lillehammer

The only Bobsleighing track in Scandinavia,  The facility is located at Hunderfossen family park 15km north of Lillehammer.

The Bobsleighing and luge track was completed in 1992 and has since held major international competitions, such as the 1994 Olympics and the 2016 Youth Olympics.

  • Total Length: 1,710m
  • Competition Length: 1,365m
  • Maximum Gradient: 15.00%
  • Average Gradient: 8.00%
  • Vertical Drop: 114.00m
  • Number of Curves: 16

France, La Plagne

Unique to La Plagne, the bobsleigh track is situated halfway between Plagne 1800 and La Roche. The way was built for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Since the Olympics, the track has reopened every winter for Bobsleighing and welcomes thousands of enthusiasts. It is the only one of its kind in the whole of France.

  • Total Length: 1,707m
  • Competition Length: 1,507m
  • Start Altitude: 1,684m
  • Finish Altitude: 1,559m
  • Maximum Gradient: 14.00%
  • Average Gradient: 8.00%
  • Vertical Drop: 124.00m
  • Number of Curves: 19

Latvia, Sigulda

Built-in the 1980s, the Sigulda offers an artificial ice track and is the first track in the Baltics.

Latvian and Russian Olympians regularly use the track for training. All 4 of Latvia’s medals at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics came in Bobsleighing events.

  • Total Length: 1,420m
  • Competition Length: 1,200m
  • Maximum Gradient: 9.00%
  • Average Gradient: 8.00%
  • Vertical Drop: 99.00m
  • Number of Curves: 16

USA, Utah

The Utah Olympic Park in Park City was the main venue during the 2002 Winter Olympics, which featured Bobsleigh as the main event and luge, skeleton, ski jumping and more.  

Utah Olympic Park remains popular all year round, where you can bobsleigh day or night.

  • Total Length: 1,570m
  • Competition Length: 1,335m
  • Start Altitude: 2,232m
  • Finish Altitude: 2,128m
  • Maximum Gradient: 15.00%
  • Average Gradient: 8.00%
  • Vertical Drop: 104.00m
  • Number of Curves: 15

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