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Heli Skiing Travel Insurance - Ski Insurance

Heli Skiing Travel Insurance

Heli skiing is a type of Off Piste Downhill Skiing, the starting point of which is reached by helicopter instead of a chairlift. Helicopters have been used for decades to access difficult mountainous terrains. It is done in many countries around the world, most notably Canada and the northern United States. It is banned in France and Germany, mainly for environmental reasons.

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Heli Skiing

The main appeal of Heli Skiing is the chance to reach areas and trails that are usually untouched by other skiers, so you find the best snow, great runs and avoid the crowds. It provides an opportunity for skiers to access hard to reach trails and find fresh snow, as well as a more challenging Skiing. Typically, runs will be at around 2,000 feet.

It also usually gives Skiers the opportunity to reach these areas without having to hike there themselves, bringing with them the additional equipment and requiring greater skills and experience of Mountaineering. This is the case in Canada and the USA, where the helicopter acts more like a Ski Lift and Skiers are dropped off at the runs then picked up again at the bottom of them. This usually happens between 5 and 12 times a day.

Because of this, to go Heli Skiing in these areas, you only need to have an ability to ski intermediate and advanced runs.

However, in Europe, the system differs slightly. Skiers will be dropped at the runs and then left to find their own way back to the road. Because of this, some mountaineering may be required of those Heli Skiing in Europe. Skiers may have to climb uphill to reach the trails, as well as need equipment such as ice axes, crampons and ropes.

Because of regulations imposed by many different mountain ranges, often helicopters will only have access to certain areas, so it is not possible for Skiers to access random areas.

Usually, Heli Skiing tours are led by an experienced guide. The guides will decide where to ski and go ahead and assess the area, before the others are allowed to access the snow.

Because the tours are guided, some of the risks inherent with accessing off piste areas - such as Avalanches- are negated. Guides will usually assess and choose areas depending on the weather, snow and hazard risks. Thus, it is not as vital for Heli Skiers to have knowledge of how to act in an Avalanche, though it could help. There should be less risk of encountering an Avalanche as well, as the guides will assess the area, weather and snow conditions beforehand to choose a safe route.

Going to the off piste areas means that there is the risk of hazards such as avalanches and thus, avalanche safety gear should be carried on Heli Skiers. This includes a shovel, probe and transceiver, with an airbag backpack a good addition. It is vital to ensure that you know how to use our equipment before you go off piste. Should you encounter an Avalanche while off piste, time is off the essence, so it is vital you know how to use your equipment before you go out there.

If you are Heli Skiing in Europe or anywhere that will require you to go mountaineering as well, you will need to make sure you have the correct equipment.

Important Note:

You are required at all times to wear the appropriate safety equipment, for example protective clothing and / or suitable head protection.

You must also be dropped off by a Helicopter and not jumping from the Helicopter at any height.

These policies will provide cover for one Helicopter trip only.

You should also not be on your own and you should be Skiing / Snowboarding with another person.

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