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Ski Terrain Park Insurance provides insurance for you when you ski or snowboard in the Ski Terrain Park To contact us by telephone or email, 0800 043 0020 / 01273…

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Ski Terrain Park Insurance provides insurance for you when you ski or snowboard in the Ski Terrain Park

To contact us by telephone or email, 0800 043 0020 / 01273 092 757

Single Trip with cover for the Ski Terrain Park 

If you are going on a winter sports holiday, be it a weekend, a week, or longer you're going to spend time in the Park then make sure you have this stated on your Policy 

Make sure you book your insurance from when you leave home in the UK to the date you return. A week Europe from £ 73.52. 

Annual Insurance with Ski Terrain Park Cover - from £167 

This Policy will provide travel insurance for a year.

  • Each trip is limited to 31 days in duration 

  • Unlimited winter sports including Ski Terrain Parking Park 

  • Upgradeable within the duration from Europe to Worldwide

  • No need to arrange a new Policy every time you go on a Trip

  • Easy to arrange and easy to renew 

Season Policy with Ski Terrain Park - From £ 373 (based on 5 month Season) 

Going for a Season and aiming to ski or board in the Terrain Park then we can cover this for unlimited days.

Other Winter Sports Activities you are automatically  Covered when you buy ski insurance with Ski Terrain Park covered : 

Ski or Snowboard off-piste without a guide ( but not against local advice) 

Ski Touring

Bobsleigh/Cresta Run 

How to prepare for the Ski Terrain Park

Don't be overawed about going into the park, it's still skiing or boarding.  Prepare though and practice some skills on the piste before you go in for the first time, less chance of injury and having to claim your Insurance!

1. Jumps - practice on the piste, jumps to the side, etc - make sure you are comfortable and taken on big and bigger ones. It's all about take off and especially landing.   

2. Going Backwards - (Switch) Again do this on the piste, centre of balance is different - ankles need to be opened up. Shuffle -m practice ie: go one foot forward and then one foot back opening your ankle joints as you go. 

3. Rails - you can practice this on greens and blues, all about how you pivot so going down pointing your skis forward, pivot to 90 degrees, and keep your skis flat, this is key. Also, ensure your body ( torso) and legs are in line with your skis. If your skis are not on the flat on the rails you will fall off.

Practice this, make sure you don't lean sideways ( as is the tendency ) once you have pivoted and try and make a switch quicker as you go along, make sure not on bumpy terrain or you will not get the benefit.   

A good Article on this is Here from Ski Mag

Popular Locations

Mammoth Mountain, California

This popular place to hit the Ski Terrain Park has three award-winning Parks. If you do not want to deal with huge crowds, try to avoid them during the weekends.

Keystone, Colorado

The A51 park comprises over 60 acres, split into five main sections. It boasts everything from a beginner's garden to rides suitable for the pros. More than 35 obstacles offer rides suitable for all skill levels.

Buttermilk, Colorado

This is one of the best places in the world for Winter Sports, renowned for its massive jumps and step-downs. If you visit at the beginning of February, you can ride the same hops used in the games.

Whistler / Blackcomb, Canada

Because of the Blackcomb and Whistler mountains, this ski area is home to more professional Skiers and Snowboarders than any other place. There are bowls, chutes and parks, while backcountry riding is increasing in popularity. One of the absolute favourites is the Nintendo Terrain Park.

Tignes, France

Famous for boasting the most extended ski season, the Tignes Board Park is better for beginner and intermediate Boarders because of the smaller kickers. As Swatch sponsors it, it has a system with cameras across the park to film your run and save the footage online. This allows you to watch, share and download images of yourself doing tricks.

Mayrhofen, Austria

Mayrhofen is one of Austria's best Winter Sports locations. This resort hosts some of the most significant events in Skiing and Snowboarding, including the annual Snowbombing Weekend and the Aesthetiker Jam.

Myoko, Japan

Two hours from Tokyo, the modern, floodlit park receives 40 feet of snow each winter.

Snowpark, New Zealand

On the South Island, this is a Mecca for Winter Sports enthusiasts. There are no fewer than 40 boxes, rails, kickers and a superpipe. The park offers late-night riding on both Tuesdays and Fridays.