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Ski Instructor Course Travel Insurance provides comprehensive travel insurance coverage for those taking part in Ski Instructor Courses worldwide, from beginner Level 1 to Advanced  Level. We also cover those…

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Talk to us 0800 043 0020 provides comprehensive travel insurance coverage for those taking part in Ski Instructor Courses worldwide, from beginner Level 1 to Advanced  Level.

We also cover those participating in ski/snowboarding improvement courses, Avalanche Safety and awareness, and more.

Premiums start at £280 for a 5-week course in Europe.


Highlights of our Ski Instructor Course cover

  • Emergency Medical and Repatriation cover up to £10 million  

  • Cancellation and Curtailment cover up to £5,000 - Including cover for pre-paid course fees if you fall sick or get injured before the trip or during your trip and can no longer take part in the course*

  • Additional Top-up cover for cancellation/curtailment is available to £50,000 

  • Search and Rescue cover up to £50,000 

  • Ski and Snowboard Equipment up to £1000 

The Policy with this Activity will also cover you automatically for more WIntersports Activities, such as 

Ski Touring 

Ski and Snowboarding off-piste with a Guide 

Heli Skiing 

Why standard Ski Insurance is not enough! 

A common question asked by those searching for ski instructor course cover! Here is a breakdown of why a standard winter sports policy would not cover you for a course.

  1. The main thing here is curtailment cover while doing the course. Ski instructor courses last from 5 to 14 weeks and cost anything between £5,000 to £15,000. Should you be injured within the course duration and cannot complete it ( but you have already paid for it ), then you can claim back part or all (if it is a cancellation claim )
  2. Most standard winter sports policies will only cover you for recreational skiing on piste; when taking part in Ski instructor courses, you will learn to instruct in all ski genres and will spend some of the course off-piste skiing, with intense ski training and avalanche awareness learning. 
  3. Believe it or not, ski instructor courses are in one of the higher categories when getting travel insurance coverage; this is because you are learning to teach others how to ski, these may be beginner skiers, and you also are skiing in a group with other people learning how to ski instruct, this leads to more risk of an injury happening. 
  4.  These courses are pretty intense. You cannot just stay on the chalet for a few hours before heading skiing. You must be at the course at 9 am and often do not finish until 5 pm. 

Does The Policy cover my Pre-Paid Course Fees? 

Our policy is designed explicitly for Ski Instructor courses and the fees that come with it. We know it's not a cheap process; this policy covers Cancellation and Curtailment up to £5,000 when taking Parts A and B cover. 

Cancellation: If you were to fall sick or get injured before your trip / Instructor Course and you were no longer able to travel, this would cover up to £5,000 for any pre-paid course fees, Flight, and Accommodation that come with most ski instructor course inclusive packages. 

Curtailment: If you were to fall sick or get injured during the course and could no longer continue your ski instructor course.

If your course fees are higher than the £5,000 cover, then we have additional Top Up Cancellation cover, which will cover up to £50,000.

When to do a Ski Instructor course?

  1. Part of your Gap Year - If you have just finished school and are not ready for University and love winter sports, then it's a great course to do,

  2. You are going for a Season and looking to work after you have finished the course for the rest of the Season, you can work as a ski instructor or do other work, but you have qualified ( s) 

  3. You want to pursue ski instructing as a career. 

  4. You want to travel for a few years and gain your ski instructing qualifications so you can work in different countries like Japan, Canada, France, and Switzerland. NB: make sure your qualification allows you to work in these countries as they have additional requirements depending on what course you have completed. 

  5. Change of career. I am fed up with the 9 to 5 and am looking for a job outdoors, so gaining the qualifications on a ski instructing course is a great start.