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Ski Racing Travel Insurance  We provide travel insurance for when you are Skiing/Snowboarding Racing.  Highlights of our ski racing insurance are Medical cover to £5m if you are in an accident…

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Ski Racing Travel Insurance 

We provide travel insurance for when you are Skiing/Snowboarding Racing. 

Highlights of our ski racing insurance are
  • Medical cover to £5m if you are in an accident or injured whilst ski racing or just recreationally skiing or snowboarding
  • Ski and Snowboard Equipment cover up to £1500 with a single article limit of £750

  • We can cover you for up to 6 months or an Annual Multi-Trip Policy if you are racing in European Races. Unlimited ski days.

  • Covered as Sole Purpose of your trip and in amateur competitions

  • Group Discounts for Schools, Clubs, Army or Navy, or MOD

  • Separate Policy (through a different insurer)  if you have a pre-existing medical condition or you want cover just for the days you are racing (please enquire separately) 

  • Downhill, Slalom, Cross country etc are all covered

  • All age groups up to the age of 65 are eligible: schools, students and masters 

  • Ski Race Training Camps covered  for Schools and Adults

  • Ski Insurance for Coaches and Instructors is also available

​Other Ski Activities Insurance 

When purchasing a Ski Racing Policy, you are covered for all these winter sports activities.

Ski Race Calendar 2023-24  

UK based Races

  • Alpine Championships - Cairngorm -   28th to 29th January 2024
  • British Masters- Cairngorm  - 11th to 12th February 2024
  • British Schools - Cairngorm  - 10th to 11th March 2024


  • British Masters Championships- Pila, Italy, 6th to 10th March 2024
  • British Amateurs Championships - Passo Tonale, Italy - 16th to 20th March 2024
  • European Ski Masters - Geilo, Norway - 23rd to 28th March 2024 
  • UK Student Ski Championships - Passo Tonale - 16th March to 20th March  - includes downhill, slalom, super G, and Combined races.
  • Independent Schools Ski Race championships - 15th December to 21st December - Sestriere Italy.   
  • MOD - Royal Navy Ski Races - les Deux Alpes - France - 13th January to 27th January 2024

Snowsport England Insurance 

As a member of Snowsport England, you automatically get Liability insurance ( this is not travel insurance and will not cover you for Medical when racing )

This Liability Policy covers you if you damage a third party or a third party's property while racing in Europe or the UK.

Types of Ski Racing

Alpine Ski Racing: There are five men at Alpine Ski Racing events and five women events. Though the rules and races are essentially the same, the courses tend to differ in length.

Slalom Races: Usually, the shortest race involves Skiers negotiating a set of close-together gates and turns. Competitors do one run, and then the course is reset with the gates and turns put in different places before the skier completes this second run. The fastest combined time of both races is the winner.

Giant Slalom: Similar to Slalom races, but taking place over a longer course with the gates a bit farther apart. This race requires greater endurance than the slalom races, necessitating wider turns.

Downhill Races: These are the longest and fastest of the races, with skiers completing one run each and the one with the quickest time (determined down to the 100th of a second) being the winner.

Super G: Short for Super Giant Slalom race, this is similar to the giant slalom, except the course is more prolonged and steeper, so Skiers can reach speeds comparable to those achieved in the downhill races whilst having to negotiate tight turns.

Combined: The combined races feature a downhill and a slalom run, testing both the agility necessary for the slalom race and the endurance of the drop. The winner is the skier with the best combined time for the two events.

Nordic Ski Racing: Nordic Skiing is also known as Cross Country Skiing or Cross Country Racing and can be done either downhill, which is known as Telemark Skiing, a form of Downhill Ski Racing, using cross-country skis instead of alpine skis - or on the flat. Nordic Racing is done on a course divided into three sections: a third uphill, a third downhill, and a third on the apartment.

Freestyle Ski Racing: This form allows competitors to ski anywhere within the designated tracks, and the skiers are then judged on the style and technique demonstrated.

Alpine Freestyle: Involves doing aerial acrobatics and using rails.

Useful Websites

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